Students and Educators Swap Spots at Community Middle School

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a teacher or school administrator? Students at Community Middle School swapped places with educators for the day to find out.

From trivia to a DIY math-themed ornament, spelling bees, and holiday movie screenings, the students-turned-teachers used the day before winter break to create lesson plans that would satisfy their students’ need for creativity.

Mrs. Gonda, an academic support instructor, partnered with co-teacher Mrs. Barrows to give two students a chance to pair up and work together to teach their class for the day.

“It was a unique opportunity for students to be in charge of their own education,” said Ms. Gonda. “Instead of being told what to do, they made the plans. Plus, the proceeds directly benefited student experiences.”

Mr. Wiggins, a math teacher and BBHS alumnus, swapped spots with his student Jafet and helped him navigate minor hiccups that could happen any day in the teaching profession.

“We planned to use Blooket [a popular education-based trivia and review game] today but had to change our plans when the server stopped working,” said Jafet Nararro. “As a student, I had a good sense of what they would need before the break and decided to take a fun approach.”

“It was a fun learning experience for the teachers too,” said Mr. Wiggins. “I think it was a great way to build a community between the teachers and students. Plus, it gave students a taste of teaching and the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills.”

For the first time in recent memory, CMS held the fan-favorite event as a raffle to raise funds for student activities like the trip to Washington, D.C., and Medieval Times. Students who entered had the chance to assume the role of an admired teacher, security officer, assistant principal, and even the principal.

Lorena Reyes assumed the role of Assistant Principal, swapping spots with Ms. Leunig.Sonia Hinnawi exchanged roles with Dr. Santicerma, principal of CMS. “My sister did this about seven years ago when she went to CMS,” Sonia said. “Although I got picked for other placements, I decided it be fun to continue that tradition.”

Lorena Reyes, who took on the title of assistant principal from Ms. Leunig, walked the school with Sonia. The pair said leading the school was fun, but ultimately the positions came with much responsibility.

“The students and staff always enjoy this fundraiser,” said Mr. Santicerma. “It gets a lot of our school involved and we’re glad the tradition is back at CMS.”

Next up Lafayette Elementary School will be holding “Principal or Counselor for a Day Contest” on February 6!